The bread and butter of business is advertising. Your customers can only find you if you get your company or brand out into the world. A rapid wave of new advertising platforms is coming to your area. An LED digital billboard in the US is an excellent way to get your name in lights. Advertising will never be the same again. Direct Ad Network in Philadelphia, PA, has LED billboard trucks driving around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland. Here are three reasons you should advertise with an LED Digital Billboard in the US.

Reach More Customers

Your primary goal as a business owner is to bring people into your office or store. Your ads are always on the move with an LED digital billboard in the US. Direct Ad Network gives you the flexibility to create your ad, decide how long/how many ads you want to display, and the areas you want to target. The trucks drive around daily. They stop at red lights, move through specific neighborhoods, and even drive slowly around special events. You never know where to find a customer, so LED digital billboard trucks in the US will bring clients to you.

Think Outside Of The Box Advertising

Looking for new ways to get your business or brand into the world can take time and effort. An LED digital billboard in the US is a unique and innovative method of reaching your customers. As the trucks drive around specific areas of your choosing, ads play every 30 seconds. This gives people time to view your products and jot down information like numbers or websites. Direct Ad Network offers daily, off-hours, and special event advertising. They can display a regular ad or a full-length video advertisement.

Completely Customizable

Once you know who you want to target with your LED digital billboard in the US, you can contact Direct Ad Network for specific information. You can decide upon the length of your advertisement, the area, and when you want the ad to play. They offer complete ad design. Direct Ad Network will ask specific questions to be able to create an entire ad to bring in your clients.
Visit Direct Ad Network’s website or call (215) 266-9403 to schedule a 10-minute demo with no obligation. If you signup today, you can receive 30 days for free. There is nothing to lose. Start bringing in your new customers today for a happier tomorrow!